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Established in 2016 from a passion within the community, we stand by our club's motto:
Bettering ourselves, the sport, and our community.

We strive to provide opportunities for new and seasoned players to participate in the sport. We pour our time, talents, and love into our courses and not to brag-but we've got some awesome courses! We hope to formalize membership and share our vision of what our club can be as we collaborate with other area club's to grow our sport. 

What's coming in 2024? Some of the same great tournaments and leagues along with more clinics and outreach opportunities. There are always ways to get plugged in. It doesn't matter if you've never thrown a frisbee or shoot 1000 rated rounds-SoIn is there for you. We will have our first official membership drive starting this winter so stay tuned for that!

Spotlight Events:
Bucks and Does (WGE): May 18-19
*Free Entry for FA4, Jrs (under 18)

Seviren Lang Memorial Ams: June 1-2
Seviren Lang Memorial
Pros/MA1: July 26-28

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