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Tournament Directors

Colin Wise

Colin has been playing for over ten years and was a founding member of SoIn. He learned to play at Iroquois but calls Seviren home. Fundraising and improving courses are his passion.

Laura Morgan

Laura has been playing for three years and founded Peryton when she saw the need for a local women's group. Her mission as a TD is to run fun tournaments with a special focus on women and fundraising for local charities. She has been working on adding appropriate layouts at tournaments so that everyone can have fun. 

Ethan Jones

Donald Stoner

Ethan has been playing for almost 10 years and was a founding member of SoIn. Buffalo Trace Open and Labor Day at Lapping are his passion projects and we know that it'll be another great year.

Donald has been playing for 5 years and stepped up to become a TD in 2022. He has a passion for organizing events and is bringing a great new energy to the club.

League Directors

Kyle Meek


Nick Pazzi


Gus Bezy


Donald Stoner



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