So In Disc Golf Club Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board - Bryan Alexander #77747

The Chairman shall preside over meetings and direct overall Club operations. The Chairman shall review applications and volunteer appointments. The Chairman shall be a PDGA member and official. The Chairman shall be Sergeant-at-Arms and administer all judgments related to Club rules. The Chairman may appoint temporary replacements for officials who can not complete their terms.

Bryan started playing in 2003, took a break from 2008-2014, got back into it in 2015

Favorite courses: Richmond Hills in NC, Shaoff Park in IN, Seviren Lang

Favorite disc: Firebird

Favorite snack on the course: Dasani and Hammer Nutrition's HEED

Vice-Chairman of the Board - Position Open

The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman and shall be second in charge when ever the Chairman is not available. The Vice- Chairman shall be a PDGA member and official.


Interested in joining the So In leadership? Reach out on our Facebook page, at leagues or when you see us!

Director of Finance – Chris Fischer #36566

The Finance Director shall manage, account, and disperse all common Club funds. This officer shall provide financial status reports at each monthly meeting and at the annual meeting.

Chris started playing in 2006

Favorite courses: Mt. Airy, Harmon Hills, Winton Woods

Favorite disc: Buzzz

Favorite snack on the course: Snacky Bars

"You gotta want it!"

Director of Facilities - Colin Wise #54793

The Facilities Director shall be responsible for course maintenance, course improvements and course development. This officer shall conduct periodic clean-up and maintenance projects covering all courses as well as coordinating work with the respective parks departments and course designer. 


Colin started playing in 2012

Favorite courses: Mt. Airy in OH, DeLavega in CA, Madisonville in KY

Favorite disc: Wraith

Favorite snack on the course: Peanut butter crackers

"My favorite part of disc golf is playing tournaments."

Director of Membership - Roger Slaten #41036

The Membership Director shall oversee all aspects of membership including but not limited to: collection of dues, maintaining a club database, correspondence with members, and regular projects to help grow the Club. This officer shall oversee the Club web site and maintain the Club email address.


Roger started playing in 2008

Favorite courses: Seviren Lang, Lincoln Ridge in KY, Bill Frederick Park in FL

Favorite disc: Aerobie Arrow

Favorite snack on the course: Bacon Jerky

"I want to help grow the sport I love!"

Director of Promotions - Marcus Gresham #42143 & Nate Roby #96005

The Promotions Director shall be responsible for Club public relations and social media. This includes notifying media of special events and contacts with the respective Parks departments. This officer shall coordinate fund raising efforts with Event Directors for specific events and shall accept applications and appoint leaders and staff for special clinics and promotions.


Marcus started playing in 2005

Favorite courses: Seviren Lang, Cranbury Park in CT, Hazel Landing in IN

Favorite disc: Legacy Rampage

Favorite snack on the course: Sunflower seeds

"I just want to help others learn about the sport so they can see how much fun it is, especially when comparing the relative expense of other activities. The first time you hit a shot from farther than you think you have a chance to, you're hooked."

Nate started playing in 2016

Favorite courses: Seviren Lang, Lapping Park, Idlewild, Moss Hill

Favorite disc: Prodigy 400G F2

Favorite snack on the course: Planters 'Heat' peanuts

"Gotta Grip the Disc, if Ya Wanna Rip the Disc."

Director of Programming - Adam Embrey #36328

The Program Director shall oversee all Club disc golf events. This officer shall coordinate scheduling (within the club and with other clubs), organization and leadership of club events including but not limited to: all sanctioned and non-sanctioned events, leagues, all fund raisers, and all special events. 

Adam started playing in 2003

Favorite courses: International Disc Golf Center in GA, Highbridge Hills Complex in WI, Leviathan in MI
Favorite disc: Teebird
Favorite snack on the course: Trail mix or craisins
"I want to help the disc golf scene in Southern Indiana grow and be the best it can possibly be!"

Director of Meetings – Kevin Guerrero

The Director of Meetings shall be responsible for all aspects of the club meeting. This includes publicizing the meeting, setting the meeting date, time and location, taking notes at the meeting and finally editing and distributing the notes.

Kevin started playing in 2016

Favorite course: Lapping Park
Favorite disc: The one I don't lose
Favorite snack on the course: Wella peanut butter bars
"If you are a beginner, keep plugging away. Even if you get out a few times a week to play 5-6 holes, your game will improve."

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