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Peryton Ladies  Disc Golf Club

Peryton was founded in 2022 to help meet the need of the growing population of female and new disc golfers who were looking for more opportunities to participate with the community. We are a club of women that host a variety of tournaments and leagues that focus on fun and fair ways to play. We also work with local and regional TD's to better meet the needs of female disc golfers and make them welcome in our amazing community.

I (Laura M.) started playing in 2021 and fell in love with the game. I learned to play disc golf by playing tournaments. But I found myself so focused on my very very bad first ratings that I wasn't enjoying it. So I started a casual league and found many other new players who wanted opportunities to just throw frisbees not count scores. I became a TD in 2022 and pushed to create tournaments with females as a central focus or host events that were at a skill level that Pros and new players could have fun and compete. Soon other TD's were asking for my opinions on events! My first event: Lovers at Lapping (coed valentines day event) sold out and I was amazed to be so supported by my peers. I hope to continue to grow the club and involve more and more women.

Since 2022 we have raised over $1,000 for domestic violence shelters, local cancer charities, and raptor rehab as well as provided 100's of cans of food to local shelters. We cannot thank the community enough for all of their generosity from participating in the events, donating gifts for raffle, and so much more! Let's make 2024 another amazing year!

We will have yearly the following events:

Lovers at Lapping(Valentines Day Coed)

 Ladies of Lapping or Womens Global Event

Wildlife Open

Take Back the Night

Why the name Peryton? Honestly....I love deer and I'm a huge nerd. So a winged mythological deer was clearly going to be my inspiration!

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