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So In Leagues

Nervous to try leagues? Don't be! We aim to make leagues a fun and casual environment that welcomes players of any level.


Leagues are a great way to learn how to play from more experienced players and meet new people. It can be the stepping block for many to eventually trying out tournaments.

There are also Casual Leagues starting up with Peryton Ladies Disc Golf Club (the female division of So In)

Mondays @ Lapping

Will Start Back Up in the Spring

5:30-6 Depending on season

Varying layout: Blues, Greens, Golds


$10 to play, $5 CTP

-1 for Women

Tuesdays & Glow


Lapping-Glow (in winter)

Alternating Seviren/Lapping

$10 all in: CTP/Ace/Payout to top spot or two

Singles, Doubles (once a month)


Peryton Casual Leagues

Starting in May once or twice a month


Lapping or Seviren

$1 to play (goes towards fundraising)

Keep your score or not-it's all about having fun

Open for EVERYONE!

Concrete Wall

Thursdays @ Seviren

Will start back up this Summer
Doubles: Drawing at 6
Singles Once a Month
(A, B, Women)

$1 to play, $5 to payouts, $3 CTP, $1 Ace, $2 Birdie Bounty
-1 for Women

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