Weekly A/B draw league night at Seviren Lang disc golf course.
Check in from 5:45-6pm

Cost: $1 to play $5 for payouts, $1 for series, $1 Ace Pool and $2 for 2 CTP's.

This year we will be having a 27-week series played at Seviren Lang DGC. The top 10 A and top 10 B players will get to play a series finale on 9/20 for all of the series money collected throughout the year. Top 10 players will be calculated by your lowest 10 scores, meaning you must attend a minimum of 10 weeks to qualify!

If you've played league's in the past you know that some players move around between A/B. If you're usually a B and get bumped to A that week we'll still record your score in the B pool.